Too soon for prime time

En la carreta de carne

How do I say "I want to share some of my experiences with people in order to make interesting internet friends"

I created this site to share and document my learning experience. I also have a twitter i maintain.

30.3.2023 Thursday

Starting fresh with my website, I've been following this feeling of reinvigoration and refreshment. I'm reassessing the purpose of my socials, and I think that's good. Slowly building this site from scratch has helped with that. I'm not sure when I exactly started working on this, but it's slowly taking shape into something I feel good about. There are a lot of things involving CSS, JS, and HTML that I wish I could do now on the spot, but maybe there will be a time for that. Collapsible buttons, for example offcenter does an excellent job with this.

I had originally included a lot of vulnerable information on my site. In fact, I moved forward with the assumption that no one anywhere near my vicinity would see it. I thought of it as an exercise in vulnerability. However, due to the industry I work in, I have to be careful about leaving too many details and personal info out in the open. I could jeopardize someone, or I could jeopardize myself.

27.2.2023 Monday

I started to get obsessed over idioms lately. I remember hearing about some city state in greece where it was common practice to speak idiomatically. It made me think of how argentines speak to eachother. No te hagas el canchero, en los tiempos de la vaca gorda, and te comiste la pata de gardel. I think I'll make a input field to see if people visiting my site can add to my growing list of idioms. It's nostalgia for all the funny metaphors I would drown in during conversations with my family.